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Sino American Reunion (SAR) was founded in February of 2018 to provide assistance to those individuals wishing to return to the People's Republic of China (PRC). Our material is largely aimed at second-generation American citizens of Chinese descent, although all East Asian descendants accepting of the PRC are possibly within our scope (let us know how we can help). Our membership largely consists of Sino American professionals — engineers, lawyers, hedge fund managers, university instructors, and such — who came to feel, to some extent, dissatisfied with their American upbringing and career (or else, Australian, Canadian...) and who decided that the best course of action was to reverse their parents' decision to immigrate, especially after having witnessed, over the years, evidence of the nonnegligible existence of racially motivated obstacles.

This should not be taken to mean that SAR resents people who are of European racial origin, nor for that matter, that we view any race as being collectively responsible for the actions of its delinquents. However, if it may be said, we also no longer discount, concerning the United States in particular (and possibly Australia, Canada...), the prospect of such moral delinquents forming the majority — especially in light of the lifelong social challenges which East Asian descendants in that country have undergone.

SAR also offers consolation and advice for victims of abuse by their immigrant parents, which, it gives us pause to say, has been a fairly widespread occurrence during these recent decades. Contrary to the misconceptions spread by the American media, and by the American educational establishment, the abuse-epidemic suffered by young Sino Americans is largely an immigrant phenomenon, and is not reflective of the way which families operate back in China. More and more Sino American college students are realizing this fact, having encountered, on their campuses, the large influx of healthy, self-esteeming, and distinguished PRC foreign students, who evidently had not emerged from households centered on — we regret to observe — constant death threats, physical thrashings, and vulgarisms. Quite the opposite — students and professionals from the the PRC are seen to enjoy the sort of self-esteem and rapport which we, as Sino Americans, formerly associated with white Americans. But our eyes have now been opened in this late era, and we have realized that what were termed "Asian troubles" in the 1990s and 2000s were really "Asian American troubles" bearing little connection with "Asia."

It may be slightly late for us, on account of our variant childhoods, to fully blend in with PRC society, but we are pleased to enjoy a respite from further racial complications and to provide a mainstream upbringing for our children. All this being said, the members of SAR are pleased to strive for increased global understanding, diminished racial prejudice, and emphasis upon the ethical qualities of humankind, as opposed to spurning people based on their race or background. We are motivated in our quest to fix things by the ardent difficulties of those who came before us. Lastly, we do invite you to join our movement as well.
— Yuan Xun, Steering Committee
Steering Committee
Xie Tongwen (谢同文) is a lawyer and legal translator possessing extensive experience as international corporate counsel. He currently leads Sino Law Office, a firm based in Shenzhen which specializes in international investment law, dispute resolution, financial market regulations, and translations of legal documents between Chinese and English. Mr Xie has a BA in Economics from University of British Columbia and a JD from New York University. His JD thesis, published in 2005, correctly predicted the rise of China on the world stage and the consequent changes in worldview among overseas Chinese students and expatriates.
Yuan Xun (辕询) is a lecturer and computational subcontractor. In the past, he has served as primary lecturer of Distributed Autonomous Coalition of Asia (DACA) and as advisor-in-residence at the iCenter of Tsinghua University. He was the translator of the initial whitepaper of Elastos. Mr Yuan is the originator of Concise Yuan (XCY), a simplified version of Bitcoin (BTC) which students learned to implement as part of DACA's acclaimed 6-8 week training program. Mr Yuan formerly attended UIUC, but left upon facing adverse behavior in his third year by deans and campus-police. He is interested in further aiding the PRC technological community.
There are three open seats on the Steering Committee.
If you wish to apply, please send an email to
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→ The original essay was written in Chinese, in 2017, by ArmorUSA.
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