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Our society was founded in early 2018 by three Sino Americans/Canadians residing in China — Jerry Feng (冯凡) who is no longer involved, Roger Hsieh (谢同文), and Yuan Xun (辕询) — to provide assistance to those Chinese descendants desirous of returning to their Homeland. Our material is largely aimed at second-generation American citizens of Chinese heritage. Our membership is largely composed of Sino American professionals — engineers, lawyers, hedge-fund managers, university-instructors, and such — who came to feel, to some extent, dissatisfied with their American/Canadian upbringing and career and who decided that the best course of action was to reverse their parents' decision to immigrate, especially after having witnessed, over the years, increasing evidence of hazardous and prejudicial social conditions. We also wish to extend our sympathies to those who, as children, had suffered abuse at the hands of their immigrant parents, an occurrence which, it gives us pause to say, has been fairly widespread during these recent decades. Contrary to the misconceptions spread by the American media, and by the American educational establishment, the profusion of abuse which was inflicted upon young Sino Americans has primarily been an immigrant phenomenon irreflective of the way in which families operate back in China. It may be slightly late for us, on account of our variant childhoods, to be viewed as fully native members of Chinese society, but we are pleased to enjoy a respite from further racial and cultural complications, and to provide a healthful, non-immigrant upbringing for our descendants. All this being said, the members of Sino American Reunion are pleased to strive for increased global understanding, diminished racial prejudice, and emphasis upon the ethical qualities of humankind, as opposed to spurning people based on their race or background. We are motivated in our quest to fix things by the ardent difficulties of those of our demographic who came before us. Lastly, we do invite you to join our movement as well.

Steering Committee

David Huang (黄嘉辉) is a corporate manager and software-technician with experience in both the agricultural- and aerospace-industries. He was born in Illinois to parents from the province of Guangdong, and became keenly aware of the issues facing the Sino American demographic while serving as the manager of his parents' restaurant. Mr Huang has a BS in Technical Systems Management from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from the same school. Having studied the Chinese as well as Latin classics during his teenage-years, one of his enduring areas of interest concerns the intersection and reconciliation of classical piety and modern technocratic planning. As a member of SAR, he welcomes your ideas concerning repatriation.
Zhao Xian (赵宪) is a martial artist and scholar of Chinese dynastic history who was born and raised in the Netherlands. Early in his life he was confronted with certain questions relating to identity and belonging, which have led him to engage in the continual exploration and researching of what it truly means to be Chinese. Over the last two years he has produced a series of detailed historical essays regarding the events of the late Qing dynasty. Mr Zhao has a bachelor's degree in English Language and Culture and a master's degree in Asian Studies, both from Leiden University.
Patrick Lam (林观徳) is a business-owner specializing in culinary logistics and East Asian imports. Born in Hawaii to parents from the city of Zhongshan, he has a keen understanding of what ethnic East Asians are capable of, when they are freed from such social strictures as have been unfortunately widespread within the contiguous United States. Mr Lam has been a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, and has had an enduring interest in the preservation of traditional Chinese culture, especially in light of the growing issues faced by the Diaspora.
Guo Shaohai (郭绍海) is a historian specializing in the Chinese dynasties. Born in Illinois, he has possessed a lifelong interest in questions of heritage and in the rising achievements of the Chinese state. In the past, he has served as a foreign consultant, post-secondary counselor, and lecturer in the city of Chengdu on behalf of New Oriental. More recently, he has been designing a comprehensive historical curriculum relating to Chinese dynastic history for the benefit of Anglosphere classrooms. Mr Guo has a BS in Agribusiness Markets and Management from the University of Illinois, and an MA in History from Liberty University. He has been a foremost advocate of the Sino American community during its darkest hours.
Henry You (游家玮) is an undergraduate student of Political Science at CSU Northridge who is preparing to advance to law-school. Being a partial Chinese descendant, he has discovered a deep affinity for native Chinese culture, and looks forward to playing a role in the future with respect to bilateral economic cooperation between China and the United States. Having personally studied modern philosophy, sociology, and business-law, he is sympathetic to the issues which are presently faced by Sino Americans, and also by Chinese citizens residing abroad. He hopes to acquire more skills and experience for the purpose of someday furthering the worldwide interests of the ethnic Chinese.

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This is the English translation by Yuan Xun.
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This essay discusses some of the obstacles faced by Sino Americans when looking for Chinese jobs.
It was co-authored by Mr Feng and Mr Yuan in March of 2018, when Mr Feng was a guest at the latter's residence in Beijing.
During his time within the Mainland of China, Mr Feng was employed by Hainan Airlines and Didi Chuxing.
Mr Feng was involved in the founding of SAR, but is presently not affiliated.
Why the term ABC is misleading and hinders productive communication.
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